Landscapes, Literature, Luxury

Nowhere in Britain have more memorable words and beautiful places come together to more magical effect than in the West Country.

Harvey’s Literary Tours explores the relationships between the region’s authors and the landscapes that inspired them and how each brings depth, perspective and meaning to the other.

With walks and talks conducted by acclaimed locally based authors, we bring literature and landscapes to life, within a context of literary appreciation and a deep feeling for the land.

We also recognise a desire for luxury and good living so you will be staying at the best hotels accessible to our itinerary, where the dining rooms have serious intent and local suppliers are good friends.

T S Eliot   Samuel Taylor Coleridge   Thomas Hardy
Ted Hughes   Rudyard Kipling   Charles Kingsley
William Wordsworth    Daphne du Maurier
R D Blackmore    Henry Williamson
Agatha Christie    Jane Austen

Rockham Bay
Fish Stewhouse

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